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Hotel Antibes is located in Via Moteverdi in correspondence of beach 113.The avenue is a quiet side street of Via Dante in the area called Alba of Riccione. Conveniently located for the walks of Viale Dante and Viale Ceccarini that offer a pleasant array of stores and many places to enjoy a pleasant aperitif, after the beach or a drink before the evening. You should also know that Viale Ceccarini often becomes the showcase for the events taking place in Riccione: Riccione sells fashion, Ferrari in the living room (fun Ferrari runway of all times along the Viale Ceccarini)
We are 3km away from Riccione Terme which can be reached by the convenient public transport that passes in front of the hotel and stops directly at the entrance to the spa, or with the hotel's bikes. 
It is possible to have a free shuttle service upon reservation and for groups of at least 10 people.
Viale Ceccarini is undoubtedly the living room of Riccione, come to Riccione and not take a walk in Viale Ceccarini is a bit like going to Rome and not going to visit the Colosseum ... impossible!
But why is it so famous? Like any self-respecting center in Viale Ceccarini you can find the boutiques of the most important designers, the most luxurious jewelers but also the most fashionable places… to regenerate after a walk we recommend a stop at Victor’s which is much more than just a bar.

Many events are often organized near Viale Ceccarini in Piazzale Roma (at the end of Viale Ceccarini) in the new public park Pope John Paul II (formerly the Magnolia Park), in the brand new Palazzo dei Congressi in Riccione, in short, there is no denying that Viale Ceccarini is the beating heart of the city of Riccione.

Our hotel in Riccione is not located on Viale Ceccarini to be precise, we are 1.7 km away, we are located at the beginning of Viale Dante in the area that is called “Alba” of Riccione, for those who love to walk we recommend that you do the whole walk on foot for the lazy instead we have comfortable bicycles, shuttle services for a fee or public transport that passes right in front of the hotel.
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